Full Service Interior Design


With full service, we handle everything from the beginning stages of a project, such as inspiration and concepting, to the detail oriented and coordinating stages of design. This includes, but is not limited to:

        - Detailed documents

        - Developing the space so that it is functional and meets your needs

        - Meeting with contractors

        - Placing orders for furniture and finishes

        - Coordinating warehousing and deliveries

        - Being on site for installs (moving that lamp over two inches - so it's just right)

Whatever your project involves, we are there for you, throughout the process, leading the project forward with you in mind.

Refresher Services


Are things looking a little tired or neglected? Updating furniture, art, window treatments and paint can work miracles, giving you a fresh feel in your home or office.

Let us know if this is what you are looking for!


consult 2.jpg

We are often asked if we work on smaller residential projects - single rooms, paint consultations, wall covering selections and furniture procurement - to be that second set of eyes on things you already have picked out. The answer is always yes! 

Consultation work can truly help you achieve your vision by giving you a professional opinion, while saving you money and time.

There is a minimum of a three hour rate that is charged.